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Westcott Design Wine label designer

If you would like to see some award-winning wine label designs of the best wine label designer in the world, GO HERE.

Why do I make you click HERE to get to my main site? I like this winelabeldesigner.com URL but have already established my WestcottDesign.com URL so I hope this helps you find me.

Westcott Design is a graphic design studio specializing in WINE LABEL DESIGN, ALCOHOL LABEL PACKAGING, WINERY LOGOS, ADS, AND BROCHURES. She is a full-service studio offering unique and affordable designs to help get your product looking professional and SELL. She works personally with you on each project, so you get 35 years experience without the large overhead costs other design studios have to charge. Ginny prefers to work electronically to save you money, and her clients are not just in Sonoma and Napa Valley, California, but over the world because of this. She knows compliance standards and can guide you through the TTB approval process. Not many wine label designers know enough about the wine label process to do all that. A wine logo is a very personal custom design, and the thought process that goes into the perfect winery logo is a combined vision of the client and wine label designer. Wineries seek Ginny out commenting that they have interviewed many wine label designers and are so happy to have found a someone whose skills don't stop at the label and packaging but continue through all their needs. She creates ads, brochures, billboards, business cards, posters, web ads, and most anything you need.

On her website, she has quotes from many of her clients describing how it is to work with her.

You can email her here.

Ginny Westcott is considered one of the most creative wine label designers in the U.S. and considered the best of all wine label designers by her clients. Her award-winning wine label design is the envy of other wine label designers and other wine label graphic design companies.

Ginny Schafer Westcott's clients come back again and again, having had the best wine and alcohol label design experience yet. With reasonable rates, far less than big house wine label designers. It helps to have a small overhead, and Ginny has her studio in her home right in the heart of the Sonoma Valley wine country, keeping her overhead minimal and passes the savings onto her clients. She does not keep a staff but knows where the best illustrators and artists are to create amazing and unique works of art. When the budget is small, Ginny has the talent and expertise to find ways to keep the budget on track with clever ideas to cut costs.

For the most part, Ginny works with small to medium sized wineries. She can help a start-up winery who is experiencing their first wine label designer and the steps involved in making their label a reality. She works with wonderful wine label printers and can guide you through the selection process to choose just the right printer that balances quality and budget. Ginny has patience, a great attitude, and respects her client's ideas but isn't afraid to offer her professional advice. She spends much of her time researching and educating herself on current trends and integrates this into her designs.

After college, she got her start in Los Angeles designing and doing the production of ads, collateral, POP, Television commercials, etc. After starting a family, she moved back up to her roots in Northern California working for various software game companies and then Hasbro. She loved designing toy packaging so much, she combined her love of wine with toys into one studio and called it Westcott Design which opened in 2000.

Ginny Westcott is considered the best Sonoma County and Napa County Wine Label Designer


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